TablEdit and TEFView

Do you want to hear and see what I’ve been writing about?  Then it’s time to install TEFView, the free tablature viewer, on your computer.  This allows you to view and listen to .tef files prepared with the TablEdit tablature program.  You can also print the tablatures.

A great many free .tef files are available, notably at

If you are a player of any fretted string instrument, consider purchasing Tabledit.  With it you can create professional-looking tablature and conventional score, edit it, listen to it, and print it.  TablEdit is not expensive as music editing programs go, but it is very rich and full, well documented, and well supported.  I have found it indispensible.

I’ll wait here while you Google TEFView, and follow the directions for downloading and installing it.

I’m sorry to say that there is not a way to enjoy .tef files while you are reading this post.  Here are the directions:

  1.  Click on this link. Click again on the blue copy that appears below.
  •  Double click “cb Corrine, Corrina.”  Download. Save File. OK.
  •  Open TEFView. 
  • Edit.  Open.  Find and choose the downloaded “cb Corrine, Corrina.”
  • Play.

What you will hear is a clarinet playing the melody of “Corrine, Corrina,” while a capo-ble banjo accompanies; then a solo capo-ble banjo arrangement.  It’s all electronically generated. And you will see the notes and tab fingerings as the music plays.

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