Banjobio: Albany

When we moved from Wilmington, Delaware, to Albany, New York, I missed very much playing rhythm banjo for the Red Lion Jazz Band.  I kept practicing for awhile, but the motivation wasn’t there.

For a couple of years I did perk up for a band at our church.  We played a variety of dance tunes at social occasions.  When that band broke up, my banjo playing trailed off to nothing.

Somebody moved my banjo out of the deepest spot in a closet, so I saw it.  I realized I missed it.  I took it to the luthier in Schenectady to replace the nut and a few worn frets. I tuned new strings as a plectrum banjo: C, G, B, D—C tuning without the 5th string.

I set out to learn the plectrum banjo style: chords up and down the fingerboard, melody mostly on the highest pitched (D) string.

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