Thoughts for Banjo Makers

Here’s another way to think about it.

If you’re making a small banjo, why not make it capo-ble?

The neck of a capo-ble banjo is a little bit simpler in construction than the one on a standard banjo, and therefore a little bit cheaper to make.  (And lefties doesn’t require a lefty version—just a lefty nut.)

Once you’re down to  22” strings, a full length 5th string  in G tuning becomes possible.  Why bother with the complications of a short string?

The reviews show that short banjos can be very satisfying.  That’s my experience, too.  People who have tried my capo-ble banjos have liked them very much.  They would surely like ones made by first-class craftsmen even better.

The advantages of the standard banjo are almost all because of its greater length.  On a short banjo those advantages are gone.  The short/travel/parlor banjo might as well be a capo-ble banjo, with its additional advantages.

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