Banjobio: Arranger

Soon enough Joe Hetko, my teacher, told me I should do some arrangements myself.  This is not as ambitious as it sounds.  Once a player knows the crucial chords and rolls (patterned sequences of chord notes) he/she can impose them on a simple tune. 

So I did arrange.  Above you see a sample of my first: the beginning of  “The Banks of the Ohio” in tablature.  (You can see and hear the whole thing from the usual site.)  Even if you don’t know tab, you can see how very routine the arrangement is.  It sounds pretty good, but it was no feat of composition.

I did, and still do, a lot of arranging.  One of my best is “Corrine, Corrina,”  which you may have found already at the usual site, downloaded it, and seen and heard it on TEFView.

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